Lenore Blank Kelner and Company, Arts Integration Specialists: Quality Programs and Services for Educators, Teaching Artists and Students

Dedicated to finding meaningful connections between the arts and learning.

We Provide:
A wide array of compelling arts integration services for teachers, students, and teaching artists. All of our programs are dedicated to promote student achievement and in closing the achievement gap. These are our core concerns.
Inventive and inspiring arts-based and arts integrated programs designed to address state standards and meet the needs of all students in order to help them reach their full potential as a learner and as a creative individual ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Lenore Blank Kelner, founder and director has been an educational consultant to schools and performing arts centers nationwide since 1981.

In addition to Lenore's exceptional work in drama, Lenore Blank Kelner and Company works with a cadre of outstanding arts integration specialists in the fields of dance, music, poetry, and visual arts available to work nationwide in schools with students and teachers. (see About Us for more information).

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Staff Development Workshops
I have been teaching for 20 years. This was the best staff development workshop I have been to. Engaging! Practical! Perfect for ELL and all my students. Thank you.


Farmland Elementary,
Montgomery Co. MD

Creative Kids
My child loves Creative Kids so much he refused to go to his dentist appointment which we accidentally scheduled on the day of class. By the way, he loved playing the peddler in “Caps For Sale.” We have acted it out at home at least 100 times.

A Child's Place at Hollin Hall,
Alexandria, VA

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