Cook With Books is an exciting and unique literature-based arts program designed to make books come alive, sizzle, and pop!

Students will bubble with excitement as they explore books through cooking and arts and crafts. The plot, themes and characters from the story will be used to inspire students to create a tasty snack, or a unique craft or even a dramatization of the book. The stories come from all over the world and are carefully chosen for each age group.
Cook With Books introduces students to some nifty recipes, creative crafts, and exciting work in drama. The class is designed to increase the students’ love of books, and is loads of fun – a perfect combination for a great after-school program.

Designed to promote creativity, reading comprehension,
appreciation of literature and self-esteem.

Available in Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. For information, please contact the After-School Program Manager
at 301-879-9319.

Class size is limited to 15 children (10 minimum).
Classes can be scheduled midday, after school or during a summer camp.
The cost per child is based on the length of a session, site location, number of classes and enrollment. A materials fee will be added to the basic cost of the class.
We provide, at no charge, camera-ready Cook With Books promotional materials and registration forms customized for your program.

Contact us for details and fees.

As the students come into class they are always trying to get in my bag to see what we will be creating this week. They can’t wait to get started.
- Cook With Books Teacher
, Silver Spring, MD

Ben loved the pop-up book. We are having fun making them at home. What a simple and creative idea to get kids to write!
- Parent
Herndon, VA

301-879-9319 or 301-388-0175 | Fax: 301-388-0176


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